At Swaine Asphalt we offer three types of patching: Remove & Replace, Skin-Patches and Patchbacks. Remove & Replace patching is was it sounds like. The process begins with saw-cutting around the area with the distressed asphalt and removing it down until the ADC base. Once the area is cleared, we then lay down a fresh layer of asphalt. We recommend R&R when distressed areas go beyond just the surface and effects the subbase. This type of patching provides a longer-term solution for asphalt damage and can last up to 15+ years depending on traffic frequency and load of vehicles.

Skin-patching, also known as surface patching, is a less intrusive process where we fill in the distressed or low areas to recreate the smooth surface. Surface patching is a more cost-friendly solution to damaged asphalt when damages to are minor. This includes potholes, small areas of cracking, the area has surface drainage issues or there are sunken areas.

Lastly, we also offer asphalt patchbacks. An asphalt patchback is essentially the service of replacing asphalt where it has previously been removed for whatever reason.

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