At Swaine Asphalt we offer three types of patching: Remove & Replace, Skin-Patches and Patchbacks. Remove & Replace patching is was it sounds like. The process begins with saw-cutting around the area with the distressed asphalt and removing it down until the ADC base. Once the area is cleared, we then lay down a fresh layer of asphalt. We recommend R&R when distressed areas go beyond just the surface and effects the subbase. This type of patching provides a longer-term solution for asphalt damage and can last up to 15+ years depending on traffic frequency and load of vehicles.

Skin-patching, also known as surface patching, is a less intrusive process where we fill in the distressed or low areas to recreate the smooth surface. Surface patching is a more cost-friendly solution to damaged asphalt when damages to are minor. This includes potholes, small areas of cracking, the area has surface drainage issues or there are sunken areas.

Lastly, we also offer asphalt patchbacks. An asphalt patchback is essentially the service of replacing asphalt where it has previously been removed for whatever reason.

Slurry Seal/ Microseal

Slurry Seals and Microseals are a mix of water, asphalt emulsion, and aggregate that is applied on top of an asphalt surface. Slurry seal is a cost-effective maintenance procedure intended to extend the life of existing, structurally sound asphalt pavements by creating a new, wearing surface on top of existing asphalt.

Microseals are an advanced type of Slurry Seal using more polymers and cement to create thicker and stronger slurry layers. Fiber glass fibers can be added to Slurry Seals and Microseals to help prevent reflective cracking.


Paving is the installation of new asphalt to the required thickness and compacted to standards. When regular preventative maintenance is performed on your new asphalt, it will last for 20-30 years before resurfacing is required.

Overlays are the process of creating a new surface by placing a new layer of asphalt over the existing asphalt. Overlays are a more cost-effective solution to completely removing and replacing the existing asphalt. Overlays, with regular preventative maintenance, will last as long as the remove and replace process.

Concrete Services

We install new and remove & replace existing concrete including: curbs, drive approaches, extruded curbing, gutters, sidewalks, trash enclosures, and valley gutters.

Striping & Signage

Asphalt striping is traffic paint applied directly onto clean and dry asphalt and acts as form of traffic control to provide drivers with directions. Striping is a simple process of marking out the areas with chalk and applied with our striping machines and, for more unique designs, paint is applied with stencils. Different types of striping that we offer are new layout or re-striping with a full line of stencils, signs, curb paintings, speed humps/ bumps, and speed cushions/tables.

We offer water and oil-based paints as well as 3M reflective tape.

We also offer signage installation. Signage can range from handicap signs, directional signs, and informative signs to complete custom signs.

Seal Coating

Seal Coating is a form of preventative maintenance to help extend the life of your existing asphalt. Seal Coating is a liquid that is applied to the surface of the asphalt to help prevent raveling and oxidization. The amount of traffic, weather and sun exposure your surface gets are all factors that can contribute to when and how often your surface should be seal coated. Signs that your asphalt needs to be seal coated include: a grey top layer, loose gravel, and/or the forming of cracks.

Seal coating can be applied in single or multiple layers. Latex and/or polymers can be added to increase the toughness of the material.

Crack Sealing

Got Cracks? Crack sealing is another form of preventative maintenance to help keep the life span of your asphalt by preventing water from getting into the crack and reaching the base.

Although asphalt is very durable, cracks can happen due to a number of reasons. This includes distress from heavy loads/traffic, drainage issues, and weakened bases. Even though asphalt cracking cannot be avoided, further damage to your asphalt can be. Crack sealing is the process of applying a specialized material to the crack that has the mobility to move with the crack as it expands and contracts.

ADA compliance

Are you in compliance with ADA parking lot regulations? It is important that handicapped access is clearly and properly marked as your business can be pressed with fines and penalties if violations are found. There are compliance regulations for dimensions, signage, and pavement markings.

Parking Lot Design, Layout and Reconstruction

Swaine offers a full service of reconstructing and rebuilding your parking lot to be modified to your needs. From design layout to construction, Swaine has you covered.

Drainage Correction

If your parking lot holds water, this is a sign that you have a drainage issue. Water retention on asphalt can cause harm to your parking lot or roadways as it can be absorbed into the base allowing room for erosion and other damages. Swaine can help repair these issues with additional catch basin, drywells, and retention areas.

Speed Humps& Bumps and Speed Cushions & Tables

Swaine Asphalt is the largest installer of Speed Humps, Bumps, Speed Cushions & Tables in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and have installed over 5,000 over the valley. We specialize in installing speed humps, speed bumps, speed cushions, speed tables, raised pedestrian walkways, and roundabouts.


Grading is a part of the site preparation process to help achieve a solid foundation for parking lots, building pads, and roadways. The process of having a well-graded base starts with leveling out the base level to ensure that there is a stable foundation and that there is a proper slope so that drainage issues are not a problem. Swaine Asphalt is a full-service site grading and prep for parking lots, building pads, and roadways.

Spreader Truck Services

Spreader Trucks are used to apply an even amount of material across an asphalt project. Swaine Asphalt provides a full-service spreader truck operation so that you don’t have to worry about owning or renting one yourself. You schedule your time and date and we will show up and provide a quality service.

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